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English version - VHF-simulator

The VHF simulator is designed so you may practice and learn how to use the basic functions on a VHF, and what purpose the VHF radio serves. The goal is that you by practicing, learn how to use DSC functionality and basic distress and speech procedures.

When you perform the tasks given, you get a response from another part, e.g. coastal radio or another vessel. If your answer is wrong, you get a tip on how to answer correctly. Please note that some functions is not available, such as the squelch and volume (which are not to be used in the tasks on the simulator). But remember; the best way to learn how to use a VHF radio, is to actually use one…

The VHF simulator has menus like real VHF-radios. Even though appearance and buttons on the VHF radios differ from each other, the menus should be alike, based on international standards (ETSI standards is partly used when designing the VHF simulator).

Brief user manual for the VHF simulator:

  1. The different tasks is built around a scenario, and it is an interactive dialogue with a virtual coastal station or vessel. Speech is written in a text box that appears under the VHF simulator. It is checked that you make the right choices when sending DSC or DISTRESS, and in some cases some written words are checked (typically Mayday, Securite, PANPAN, vessel name, call sign and MMSI).
  2. To send DISTRESS, you must hold down the DISTRESS button in 5 sec, or give a short press to get to the menu. But be aware that you must hold down the DISTRESS button until the message «DSC is sent» appears.
  3. To send DSC routine to another vessel or a coastal station; Press Call, press INDIVIDUAL CALL, press ROUTINE, and set the MMSI number. If you send DSC to the coastal station, you may not set working channel. However, if you send DSC routine to another vessel, you should set an ship-ship working channel. The field for setting working channel appears when you have set the receivers MMSI, and clicking with the mouse in the gray window. In order to send the DSC mesage, you have to press «OK».
  4. To send DSC (Routine, Safety og Urgency) to all ships; Press CALL, Press ALL SHIPS CALL, press ROUTINE, SAFETY or URGENCY, set ship-ship working channel.Press OK to send the DSC message.
  5. You may choose channels by pressing CH+ og CH-
  6. In order to speak, you must press the «PUSH TO TALK» button, and write what you would say in the text box that appears under the VHF simulator.
  7. If you need to take a look at the DISTRESS procedure, please press the button named «Show emergency procedure» (under the text box).