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Important information from Marlink concerning changes in Inmarsat C coverage over the Greenland Sea after the migration of Inmarsat AOR-E satellite from 15.5W to 54W

Lack of Inmarsat C coverage in Greenland Sea

Lack of Inmarsat C coverage in Greenland Sea
Due to the planned migration of the Atlantic Ocean Region East (AOR-E) from 15.5W (I-3 F2 satellite) to 54W (I-3 F5 satellite), scheduled to take place on 30 October 2018 at 11:00 UTC, there will be a change in Inmarsat C coverage over the Greenland Sea between Greenland and Norway. This situation is unavoidable due to the approaching end-of-life of the Inmarsat I-3 satellites.

The area affected by the AORE migration is between Svalbard and Greenland in the Greenland Sea. It is difficult to define the exact region, as the precise service availability for Inmarsat C in this area depends on the terminal type, the location of the terminal, the operation of the vessel (roll and pitch), the time of day and the local environmental conditions.

Where is the affected area?
The area in question is shown in cross-hatched green in the map below. This area includes part of NAVAREA 1 (coordinated by UK) and part of NAVAREA 19 (coordinated by Norway). Note that this is a simplified map that shows only the 54W, 15.5W and 64E Inmarsat I-3 satellites. The 98W and 143.5E satellites do not cover the affected area, therefore, they are not shown on this map.


The Inmarsat C coverage in the affected area will be improved as soon as the Indian Ocean Region Satellite (IOR) is migrated from 64E to 25E, currently planned to take place around mid-December 2018. The period between the migrations of AORE and IOR is being kept as short as possible to reduce the impact on users. Inmarsat currently expect this period to extend to about 6 weeks, however, Inmarsat will provide more information once they confirm the schedule.

Potential LED interference of VHF-radio and AIS Reception

The U.S. Coast Guard has received reports from crews, ship owners, inspectors and other mariners regarding poor reception on VHF frequencies used for radiotelephone, digital selective calling (DSC) and automatic identification systems (AIS) when in the vicinity of light emitting diode (LED) lighting on-board ships (e.g., navigation lights, searchlights and floodlights, interior and exterior lights, adornment).

Telenor kystradio, og The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Som en del av Telenor Norge AS forholder også Telenor kystradio seg til "The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)".

Alle våre bedriftskunder har ved en feil mottatt lisensfaktura for 2019 med merverdiavgift

Ved en feil ble lisensfakturaene for 2019, som ble sendt våre bedriftskunder tidlig februar, tillagt merverdiavgift (mva). Alle bedriftskunder som har mottatt slik faktura er derfor tilsendt kreditnota på tilsvarende beløp. Ny lisensfaktura uten mva er sendt ut. Det skal fortsatt være mva på fakturagebyr.

I-3 to I-4 migration update: IOR completed for Classic Aero, Fleet 77, Swift 64 and Inmarsat C services

Further to our previous notifications on the Classic Aero, Fleet 77, Swift 64 and Inmarsat C (to include Aero C and Mini C) services migration, Inmarsat can now confirm that all services were migrated successfully from the Indian Ocean Region (IOR) I-3 to the Europe/Middle East/Africa (EMEA) I-4 satellite , as planned, on 12 December 2018.

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